Experience the art of working with molten glass. Students will have the opportunity to learn basic techniques of glassblowing while working in a local glassblowing studio or "hot shop".

Please sign up through the Ely Folk School

  • Family Fun Paperweight Making

    Call or email today to schedule a 2-hour session with Todd. Each family will make a paperweight to take home with them (available the next day/ cost $75). Children under 14 years old should be directly accompanied by an adult.

    Taste of Glassblowing

    Currently three students are joining Todd once a week to experience an introduction to the process of glassblowing. Each section has three students to allow for maximum hands-on time. There was such a great response to these classes and Todd is enjoying them so much, that he'll be offering another introduction "class" in January. Give us a call today to be sure that you get a spot. Another session will be offered January 2015 - then not again until April or June .

    Each student will create at least 3 original pieces of hand-blown glass. Both clear and colored glass will be used. Students should wear comfortable clothing (including footwear like running shoes) and non-polarized sunglasses." Four three-hour sessions, for a total of 12-hours of class time = $100 tuition + $50 materials fee per person.

    Private Lessons

    Todd will do private "weekend sessions" as well. Three students at one time is ideal. 12-hours total is recommended, but one session that lasts for 6 hours would be very physically demanding (especially in the summer heat), so please consider that while thinking about how you would like to experience this unique and exciting art form. Beginners only.

    Studio Rental

    If you are an experienced glassblower and will be in the Ely area, please contact us about studio rental (~ $15 / hour), glass used, and on-site equipment: 218-235-8193 or highstone@frontiernet.net